Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sewage Pumps

How to calulate what size Sewage Ejector Pump is needed for your application:

When sizing a sewage ejector pump for your waste application there are three things to consider.

1) What size are your excisting sewage pipes that you will be connecting to.
2) What is the vertical elevation from the sewage basin to the public main that you will pump to.
3) What is the horizontal run of the pipe from the sewage basin to the public main that you will pump to.

Every 10’ of pipe equals the same restrictions as 1’ of lift. The shut off means that is the maximum height that the sewage or grinder pump will lift. So you will get "0" flow at the shut off height.

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  1. There are many different types of sewage pumps on the market and it can be difficult to select the right one for according to the property's requirements.

  2. So does the location affect what type you should get? I am looking to get pumps in Edmonton but I don't know if there are any extra circumstances I should be aware of before choosing a specific type.

  3. I am very glad I came across this post! I've also been wondering about what kinds of pumps in Edmonton I should get and this gave me a lot of insight. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Short but very useful information you have shared about Sewage Pumps

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  5. I didn't know that the vertical elevation made a difference in selecting a pump. That makes sense. I would imagine it's better to get a stronger pump than a larger one. Higher suckage volume doesn't seem to be that effective.

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