Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sewage Pumps

How to calulate what size Sewage Ejector Pump is needed for your application:

When sizing a sewage ejector pump for your waste application there are three things to consider.

1) What size are your excisting sewage pipes that you will be connecting to.
2) What is the vertical elevation from the sewage basin to the public main that you will pump to.
3) What is the horizontal run of the pipe from the sewage basin to the public main that you will pump to.

Every 10’ of pipe equals the same restrictions as 1’ of lift. The shut off means that is the maximum height that the sewage or grinder pump will lift. So you will get "0" flow at the shut off height.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Low Voltage AC and DC Pumps

Low Voltage pond pumps are becoming very popular now because installing new electrical lines are difficult and expensive. So a great alternative is low voltage pond pumps for use in your outdoor pond or fountain. These pumps can run on very long low voltage cable which makes it easy to put anywhere in your yard. They also use less electricity so they are very economical as well.

But there are 2 different types of low voltage pond pumps, (AC and DC). AC low voltage pond pumps can connect to a low voltage outdoor lighting transformer. They will not work with a solar panel or a battery. 

Only DC low voltage pond pumps will operate with a solar panel or battery. A lot of our customers are confused about that so we thought this article would help clear it up. We have submersible and inline DC pond pumps available now.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Low Voltage AC and DC Pond Pumps

Low Voltage pond and fountain pumps have become very popular. A lot of customers are turning to low voltage for a variety of reasons, extended cable length, no electricity in the area where the fountain or pond is located, ect. But there is a bit of confusion when it comes to the low voltage pumps. There are two different types, AC or DC low voltage pumps. An AC low voltage pond pump can be connected to an extended low voltage cable length and that has to connect to a outdoor transformer. The transformer usually come with on/off timers, the same as for outdoor low voltage lighting. These low voltage pond pumps can be integrated in a low voltage lighting system. These pumps cannot be connected to batteries or solar panels.

A DC low voltage pond pump is needed for a battery or solar panel connection. These pumps are direct current and can only be connected to a battery or solar panel.